Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benefits of lemon balm blend

Benefits of lemon balm blend Lemon balm has many similarities with fresh fruits, especially apples. That is why, lemon balm sometimes found in fruit-based desserts.

In Central Europe, lemon balm is sometimes used to flavor sweet drinks. Lemon balm is used in fish dishes, poultry, and salads, as well as in a dish containing lemon juice to add flavor.

Some people prefer to use lemon balm leaves instead of basil pesto to process. Lemon balm leaves can also be added to the traditional green sauce Frankfurt. Fresh leaves add flavor sharply in summer drinks. This herb is used as a carminative, diaforetik, or febrifuse. Lemon balm can be used as a tea for fever patients.

If combined with other herbs, lemon balm can be used to treat colds, as well as to treat neurological diseases, liver, heart, and poisonous insect bites. Cold steeping lemon balm helps reduce depression and strengthen the functions of stomach and gums, as well as refreshing the weary.

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