Thursday, September 4, 2014

Benefits of water with lemon cucumber and mint leaves

Benefits of water with lemon cucumber and mint leaves Period growing and human mindset was also changed. This causes a considerable impact for one's self. They want to look clean and attractive in a variety of occasions. This they do because of the demands of the profession or attract the opposite sex. Variety of ways and any attempt to do to get those results. One is pemakaiaan mask.

Pemakaiaan this mask is the face and serves to tighten the facial skin. In addition, the mask also has the benefit of eliminating existing acne on our face. In the expansion of this mask is also changing. Various studies and experiments conducted to mengembangkanya. One of them adalalah use lemon and cucumber made ​​masks for acne prone skin.

Cucumber for treatment of sun burn / sunburn
     If you beaktifitas outdoors exposed to the sun for too long and cause skin burns then you can use cucumber. The cooling effect of the cucumber is a natural way and gentle remedy soothes the skin and speed up the healing process.

Thus a variety of benefits for health and beauty cucumber, may be useful and add to our knowledge

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